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Don’t depreciate your worth

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My dear Jil, 

This is my first letter to you. I shall in this and following letters acquaint you with certain perspectives on life. 

You are in that age bracket where such knowledge is vital. In a matter of time you’ll be ensconced into matrimony. Matrimonial conjugation is the dream of many women (not all) and it is advisable to make the approach with wisdom. It is my sincere prayer that you do not fall into the hands of the undeserving.

I will like to acquaint you with certain thought proceedings of the male species. This should give you a rounded perspective in your relationship with one. You will know even as you’re known. This type of understanding is important in the quest for harmonious relationship. Many times, partners talk at cross purposes. This makes mutual understanding unfruitful.

What is my homily to you today? My homily is that you place a value on yourself. That you do not sell yourself to any man for a penny. If you don’t place a value on yourself the male gender class will not accord you respect. Don’t sell yourself cheap to get a man. It’s not worth it in the long run. And some women discover that truth in the short run.

There’s something uniquely wonderful about the womanly creature. By virtue of genetic and intrinsic properties, the woman is an object of adoration. Her visual aesthetics evoke appreciation. Don’t depreciate your worth. It was given to you by divine donation. Don’t become emotionally co-habitual with a man who won’t love and adore you. He’ll rub your nose in shame in public. You were made to be cherished.

The truth is, a man can’t do without a woman. (Do not say I said so! That’s a secret! It’s our sub-rosa). It’s why he auto-gravitates towards the next woman (including his mother and sisters) in the event of a quarrel!

Armed with this knowledge, make yourself invaluable. Make yourself rare in his estimation. He’ll praise you in the conclave of men. Men like to boast in exclusive assemblies, fantasticating their achievements, non achievements, networth and less-worth. You’ll be a major header on his vocally published balance sheet if you place a value on yourself. An invaluable woman makes a man the subject of secret envy.

May you be lucky in your relationship. That’s all I have to share today. There’s so much to talk about.

See you next week, God willing!

Your mentor, LA.

©Leke Alder 2013

Tags : Worth, Value, Self Esteem
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