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Stop Believing Lies!

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My dear Jack,

I don’t get it: why do you believe in lies? (I’m exasperated)!

You don’t believe the sky is yellow. You don’t believe the earth is square. You don’t believe that coal is white. Why would you believe destiny is stacked against you? (You don’t even understand what destiny is!)

If you’re not meant to succeed, why would opportunities come your way? Why would you have a dream?

If you’re not meant for success, why would nature give you desire? And how come you have hope?

Opportunities, dreams, desire, hope… these are life’s precious resources. They are life’s precious commodities. Their existence in your life is proof of destiny’s intention. Destiny never wastes resources.

Stop believing lies. Choose to believe in your future, as envisaged by you. You have a say in destiny!

Your mentor, LA


©Leke Alder 2013

Tags : Success, Lies, Opportunities
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