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Love and All That Jazz

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Dear Jil, you’re going to run into serious problems with the forces you’re toying with. Not sure you know who or what you’re dealing with. You don’t know Satan. So you want this man to love you and you’ve enlisted the help of Satan. You went to the voodoo priest / juju doctor. You don’t know what you’re doing. Let me tell you how the demonic beings you’re employing operate.

The cacodemons first mess up the guy’s brain. They hack viciously into his operating system, scramble it. The violent attack disorients him. He’s reeling. He becomes confused – won’t know what he’s doing. A haze falls. A compelling and wicked motive power is then sent to make him want to come to you against his will. He knows he doesn’t really want you but the spirit mounts painful pressure to bend his will. All the more confusing. It’s like a man fully aware under surgery but powerless to get off the table. Then a spirit of lust is sent after him to make him desire you sexually. (The juju man facilitates this with bound voodoo effigies of both of you in sexual embrace).

The appeal is to his groin. Every other dimension of you will be hollow. And he’s all the more confused. You’re then turned into a sexual implement as you use the lure of sex to control and manipulate him. That’s your admin protocol. Only you’re also now under the control and direction of your facilitators. You ARE working with a pack of hyenas. The forces you’re deploying are not civil forces. They’re devoted to destruction. These are ancient forces. Their sole mission is to kill, to steal and to destroy. They will fulfill that mission in this man’s life, but accomplish same in yours. It’s all they know to do. You were deliberate in going after this man. You began by being nice to him, pushing sexuality. It was all calculated. But you don’t know some things.

Let me show you the larger context, give you extant details. The primary forces you’re engaging with in Satan’s kingdom are the Rulers of Darkness. We know this from the organogram of Satan’s admin network developed by Paul. Their full title is Rulers of Darkness of this World. After them come the Spiritual Wickednesses. That should give you an idea of what these guys are if blokes called Spiritual Wickednesses are subordinate to them. Spiritual Wickednesses are in charge of malice. When envy, jealousy, hatred and bile are directed at someone, that’s the work of Spiritual Wickednesses. All those false rumours that ruin people’s lives and reputation… The Spiritual Wickednesses manage that process.

The word “darkness” in the title of the Rulers of Darkness is the ancient Greek word, “skotos.” It means to stop and restrain through an instrumentality – like darkness or nightfall preventing movement. That haze I spoke about, the one that comes on the target victim… That’s a restraining darkness. The man won’t “see”, can’t see, can’t move. He won’t know what he’s doing. Sin, misery, ruin, unhappiness, ignorance and error are deeply associated with Rulers of Darkness. They create personal and domestic trauma. Problems in marriage…all that stuff, that’s them! You’re enlisting their marriage destruction capacity in order to marry this man. And they’ll ruin his marriage if he allows. All that witchcraft stuff…it’s these guys! Witchcraft is unfortunately glamourized on TV, like some pop phenomenon. It’s deceitfully labeled in crayon hues – red, black and white witchcraft! Just to make wickedness palatable.

And so you know who you’re engaging for help in your quest. It’s not the witch doctor, it’s Satan. So don’t fool yourself about going to “seek help”. You went to engage evil. And you’re so blinded by your ambition you’re not even thinking. Even if you succeed in marrying this man, the marriage can’t accommodate the consequences. There’s going to be social opprobrium. And those forces you unleashed will haunt your marriage.

Part of the problem is your belief you can get any man you want – and your need to be in control. That of course means controlling the man, which you seek to accomplish through a variety of devices, laced sex included. You have so much faith in Satan. It’s why you have so much hubris. But the love you’re manufacturing with voodoo is synthetic love. It’s not real, it’s coerced. Because it’s against the man’s natural will it’s artificial, and does feel like one. It’s why it can’t satisfy you. And because it’s artificially manufactured love, it has expiry date. You’ve got to renew it, keep topping it up. And that’s how it locks you up into a patronage system. It soon becomes a lifestyle.

Satan is no fool. His products expire so he keeps a hold on you. You don’t want the guy waking up from the somnambulism. The devil’s retainer is high. Very costly. He will offer you an array of additional services – protection, success, power, killing your enemy, etc. Satan will make you cross boundaries and lines with ever more bizarre demands, just to pollute your soul. That pollution makes you more amenable to wickedness. Don’t forget these guys control witchcraft. You’re on your way. It’s a matter of time before he asks you to kill someone. That’s the ultimate crossing of the line.

Why don’t you just trust God to bring you a man? How do you reconcile your faith with engagement of witch doctor? Stop deceiving yourself with all that give unto Caesar stuff. You’re just trying to justify patronage of Satan. This man is obviously a made-man. He’s successful, has exotic cars, money… It’s all about greed isn’t it? His marriage is an inconvenience, so you want to wreck it, for your ambition. You don’t want to go through the process of building with a young man. You want shortcut. Want to travel, buy a luxury car, wear designer clothes… You envy his wife and you don’t care about his kids. Your plan is plain and simple. Start an affair. Make him assume responsibility for your needs. Break his marriage. Move in. But you’re ignoring one factor – God. What you sow you will reap, in bales of quantity and quality.

I’d encourage you to renounce evil. Cut all association with these spiritual forces. Something evil is coming your way. Be careful what you lust for. You might just get a wonderful bargain too good to be true.

Your mentor, LA

NB. You can get more information on Satan’s admin structure from my book titled, Of Madmen, Senators and Ambassadors. Go to

© Leke Alder |


Tags : witchcraft, voodoo, juju
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