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From Jil

I Think he Loves me, But my Heart Doubts It!

Dear Leke Alder,

I’m sure this would be quite irrelevant compared to the millions of mail you get every day. I love someone and he loves me (or seems to at least). We plan on taking it further in future (I think) but I’m not sure of a lot of things. I literarily second guess everything he tells me. He says he loves me but I don’t know, I’m not sure. He doesn’t love me the way I want him to. We just started so a part of me wants to give it time but another part of me just doesn’t want the over thinking that comes with this. We have talked about the way I feel once before and he feels he doesn’t have to keep proving himself to me every time. I don’t know what to do. Should I go for peace of mind sake or stay and see where it heads?

From LA

Dear Jil, you may just be dealing with insecurity and need constant assurances. Or it may be an experience from the past. The key question is, do you trust him? The secondary question is, do you trust anybody? And the tertiary question is, do you trust any man? Your answers should give you revelation.

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