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From Jil

Should I be worried about his financial status?

Dear LA, I’m in a relationship with a guy 4 years older than I and we’ve been dating for 10 years now.

He is every woman’s dream of a husband and embodies all the qualities you’ve spoken about that can be termed, ‘husband material’. He’s asked me to marry him but I’m a bit scared because of his financial status. You see, he’s working but his salary is not enough to cater for our needs not to talk of executing a wedding. I would say that’s my fault because he sponsored my schooling. What do I do? Leaving him is out of the question because I love him.

From LA

Dear Jil, both of you should sit down and do cost analysis. Look at how you can have an affordable wedding and when it’s most feasible to get married. Do it together. But you also have to give him assurances you’re not going anywhere. That all you want is him. And you’re looking forward to marrying him. That if the finances can’t work now, maybe you should just wait a little so you can supplement his efforts when you get a job. Tell him you love him so much.

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