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From Jil

Why Can’t I Find my Type?

Hello Mr. Alder.  I never thought I’d be writing, but I’m glad I am. I write because I’m in dire need of a profound truth that can only come from deep analysis of life issues.

I am a 28-year-old female who has been trying to find my kind in Nigeria. I seek a highly intellectual and romantic man (I am Sapiosexual).  But I find myself not finding one. It’s either he is arrogant, superficial or not it at all. I have never found a single man who has appealed to me. It’s either he is still finding himself, not mature enough, or sees himself as the ladies-man (Which is a total turn off) as I do not want to fight for someone’s attention.I’m an entrepreneur so my time is flexible. I know I’m kind of eccentric but perhaps attractive. I have been told it will take a highly intelligent, mature and not the average kind of Jack to be with me. I know this and I am scared to bits because there are few of such men in this part of the world.

Will I ever find a man for me? Tick tock, tick tock, time’s almost up. I don’t want to settle for just anyone. Society and family pressure aren’t making it easy for me. I know I need someone special but when will that be? I sincerely need answers.

From LA

Dear Jil,

The truth is you don’t need men to want you, you just need one man. And since you say you’re a Christian, just ask your Father to send you that one man. Then you won’t need to dissipate your energy on multiple dating. And God answers prayers. Ask Him to make the path of that one man cross your path. When he does, you’ll know what to do.

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