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Tag Archives: Beauty

My dear Jack, didn’t you know what she looked like without make-up before marriage? If after marriage you’re complaining about what she looks like without make-up, I then wonder about the quality of your courtship. Some women look pretty with or without make-up. Your woman in your estimation does not have that grace is what you’re saying. But that begs the question about the quality of relationship you had and how real you were to each other during courtship. It means you never saw her in unguarded moments. Means you never saw her without that mask. How do you court for a year and all you saw were only made-up versions of your girlfriend? What’s the quality of that courtship? Surely you must have known she went to bed without make-up. So it’s reasonable to assume she has an image sans make-up. And it’s also reasonable to assume she won’t always have make-up on after marriage.
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My dear Jack, congratulations, you’re dating a goddess! And you and your family must worship her, do her bidding, or she won’t marry you. Well, that’s her attitude. She’s been cheating on you like someone trying to collect frequent flyer miles on infidelity. First there was the ex, then another guy, then another guy, and then another guy. And you keep begging her to marry you. She threatens either you marry her by a certain date, or she’s going to marry another guy. Shouldn’t that give you concern? Doesn’t that already tell you she’s two-timing you and that she treats guys as multiple choice questions? And now she’s come up with a marriage deadline, forcing you to cancel reasonable preparation for marriage and life. Yet despite blowing your plans and expending your all in order to marry her, she’s still not pleased. You can’t please her. Continue reading

My dear Jil, it’s a self-esteem issue, not a biological issue. You’ve allowed the size of your breasts define your self-esteem and that’s not really healthy. Breast-size is a genetic lottery draw. You had nothing to do with it. Your genes determined the size of your breasts. That genetic scheme manifests cup-sizes, creating a mammalian alphabet system of measurement. And so you have cup-sizes A to D, the D and the like doubling in on themselves to accommodate larger cup sizes like DD. Continue reading

Dear Jack,

You’re not a chipmunk are you? The memory of chipmunks lasts only three days. Unfortunately they like to store and hide food. After three days they don’t know where the food is hidden! You’re behaving like a chipmunk. You’re exhibiting short memory, which is rather painful considering all the trauma this lady has put you through. Seems you’ve forgotten the pain, including your hospitalization and near full-blown mental breakdown. You can’t afford to break down again Jack. Stop playing with your mental health.  Continue reading

My dear Jack,

let me explain the concept of beauty to you. It’s important you grasp it to avoid a wrong judgment call on the choice of marriage partner. Continue reading

Dear Jack, the thing about men is that we’re prone to dating simulacra – images and representations. Men are visual and therefore they get carried away with imagery. The answer seems to lie in scriptures. The first man was made from the virtual raw materials of image and likeness. Thus men are prone to image and likeness. It’s why I tell women to LOOK good. Men are wired for looks, whereas women are wired for words.

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Dear Jack, I am not a fan of William H. Sheldon’s work. Not sure you’ll know him though. He created the field of somatotype and constitutional psychology. The discipline tries to correlate body types with behavior, intelligence and social hierarchy. Continue reading

My dear Jil,

There’s no gainsaying the fact that you are a full figured woman! That’s what you are! Now you may choose to go on a diet and lose weight but as at this day, you’re a full figured woman. This guy met you full figured not skinny. He saw a full figured woman, toasted a full figured woman, got a “Yes!” from a full figured woman, he’s dating a full-figured-woman, now, that’s a full figured reality if e’er was one! Anyone can figure that out, not so?

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My dear Jil,

If there’s nothing you learn at all, it is the fact that men are visual. Extremely visual! And if Jack can’t change the essential nature of a woman, you can’t change a man’s either. He is visual!

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