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Tag Archives: Boyfriend

My dear Jil, there are relationships that can’t be however you try. Everything will seem so perfect, seem so right and yet for some reason the relationship just can’t be. It’s something like the way magnets repel each other. You push and push but they surreally just can’t come together. Continue reading

Dear Jil,

Now this is new to me: You have an assistant boyfriend?! Sounds like football club set up… you know, coach and assistant coach! There’s your main boyfriend. And there’s this other guy you’re side-dating, secretly. So you have a primary relationship and a secondary relationship. Sex is not involved in the secondary relationship. Continue reading

Dear Jil, seems you have a VAT boyfriend – a Value Added Tax boyfriend. He brings some value into your life – you can now boast you have a boyfriend, and that feels good. But the value he brings is so highly taxed that when the tax is netted you have a serious deficit. This guy you call boyfriend – he’s feeding off you in the name of relationship.

Continue reading

Dear Jil, I’m honestly not convinced it’s worth getting into a fight with another woman over a boyfriend. And if you have to get physical to keep your man, there’s a fundamental problem embedded in that relationship. Think.

To be sure, I’m not saying you shouldn’t ward off a circling shark executing a predatory manoeuvre on your man. Men can be clueless. We hardly know when another woman is hitting on us. But a woman knows. And some men actively create a competitive scenario to elevate appreciation, control and affection. It’s an exploitation of the woman’s territorial instinct. But the problem with it is, it can turn deadly and often does! “For where zeal and rivalry are, there are insurrection and every evil matter” the Bible says. Continue reading

Dear Jack,

I’m really sorry I haven’t replied your letter. Just came back from a business trip. Give me a couple of days. In the meantime can you help deliver this letter to Jil? Gracias!

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