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Tag Archives: Courtship

My dear Jil, do you know Elizabeth Moss? You probably know her as Peggy, Peggy Olson in the Mad Men drama series. In the series she’s the former secretary who ended up as advertising executive, breaking the glass ceiling for women. She made one major mistake – had a child for a married man, eventually giving up the child for adoption. But she didn’t allow the mistake to define her. She somehow pulled through. Continue reading

Dear Jil, now you see why I said courtship should be long and deep enough. I reiterate that marriage is a knowledge enterprise. The more you know, the more you hedge against the risk of failure. If you’re considering marriage to someone commonsense dictates you know enough to make a good decision. You can’t take a marriage decision outside of knowledge. It’s unwise to do so. A marriage built on assumptions and suppositions will eventually crash under the weight of ignorance. Continue reading