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Tag Archives: Emotions

My dear Jack, invariably everything slips into the past, everything becomes “has been”. The arrow of nature is disintegration.

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My dear Jack, marriage is a very potent force. I’m not sure people realise how potent it is. A bad marriage can send you to an asylum on Mars and back. It can wreck your health, even cause death. I’m not trying to scare you, just telling it as it is, like I always do. I owe you the truth in good conscience. I’ve sat down to ask myself why marriage is so potent – spent time cogitating with myself within myself wanting to know why. Continue reading

My dear Jack, my letters to you are designed to cause a paradigm shift. If you don’t change your thinking you can’t produce different results. Some of the philosophies we subscribe to are deleterious to matrimonial peace and conjugal harmony. The unified assault on matrimony can only be affronted by a counter-philosophic vanguard. Marriage ought to be joy, it ought to be happiness. It’s not supposed to be full of difficulty and pain. You now have total access to the one you love, the one you don’t want to do without. Why should that become sorrow! If you don’t jettison the idea of marriage as difficulty your faith will keep generating that product. Continue reading

Happy New Year! Madam says to say hi! Yes, I read the comment posted by the gentleman but it still goes back to false definition of manliness. Continue reading

Dear Jack, let me tell you about an athlete of renown. No, he’s not Usain Bolt, Ed Moses or Hicham El Guerrouj of Morocco; or any of the ones the Press tout. He’s not known in Olympic circles. Never enters competitive sports. But he’s a great athlete. I’m talking about none other than Akeem Gomez. I’m sure you don’t know him. I didn’t too until I began to do research for some stuff I was working on. As I googled my brain his name dropped.

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My dear Jil,

I met your younger sister Jilette at a seminar at which I spoke last weekend. Can you deliver this letter to her.

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