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Tag Archives: Expectation

Dear Jil, sometimes the people we’re considering for relationship or marriage are inadequate for us. It can be financial inadequacy, or mental inadequacy, or spiritual inadequacy, or cultural inadequacy…or motivational inadequacy, or emotional inadequacy, or expression inadequacy…The inadequacy is why we’re not satisfied, why all the person does can never be enough. The challenge many times is there’s nothing the inadequate person can do. He’s given to the limit of not just his ability, but also his capability. What inadequacy says in effect is that people may actually not be ABLE to change. Continue reading

My dear Jil,

Happy New Year and how are you! I do hope you had a nice vacation. Mine was wonderful as you can see from the pictures I posted. Had a wonderful time with my family. My expectations are high for this year. I hope you’ve ramped up yours too. Without desire we cannot attain. Continue reading