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Tag Archives: Fashion

I saw a wedding picture posted on Twitter the other day. Perhaps you’ve seen it too. The groom is dressed in a chiffon cape, had a silver crown on his head. His shirt, if we can still call it that, looked more like a blouse. It had a blue trimming of ribbon. To be honest the man looked more like the bride than a groom. He out-brided his own bride.

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Dear Jill

She’s a gorgeously beautiful woman, one of those nature showed partiality. You can’t help but notice her in a crowd, any crowd. Her complexion glows in radiance, like an incandescent reflector. Her sense of fashion only lends credence to the conviction of those who believe some things are just talent. Perhaps indeed no amount of tutorial can match the effortless disposition of those innately wired. This isn’t just about beauty. There is an intrinsic sophistication domesticated in her, in her poise. Her make-up is impeccable. No speck out of place, no painterliness overstepping its bounds. She does look like a dolly – a polyurethane version of human flesh; like a trick of the senses. You know someone is talented when it all seems so effortless. It takes talent to creatively ensemble simplicity.

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