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Tag Archives: Fear

Dear Jil, let’s talk a little about uncomfortable truths this morning – about this temper thing.

Men are very uncomfortable with temperamental women, and you’ll see why. The man will friend-zone you if you’re temperamental. Which is an irony – a reverse equation. That means he’ll like hanging out with you, but won’t dare commit because he’s afraid of being in a relationship with that temper. In a man’s thinking he can hang out with you because it’s not his problem. It’s your future husband’s problem. And some men will just take off! Can’t handle it. For the alpha male it means you’re incontrollable. Temper is scary to men!

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Dear Jack, like many men you have a fear of intimacy. You want physical intimacy and nakedness but not emotional nakedness with a woman. You’re locked in. You don’t want to bare your soul to avoid vulnerability. Like many men you find that uncomfortable.

Unfortunately your girlfriend doesn’t realise it has nothing to do with her. She has no problems with intimacy. In fact she relishes being vulnerable. That’s how women create responsibility of care. She’s just committed herself to you in an absolute exercise of trust. It’s inexplicable to a man. Continue reading