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Tag Archives: finance

My dear Jack, you’re going to hurt yourself trying to keep up with the Joneses. You’ve got to know your limitations in life, know the lifestyle you can afford and what you can’t afford. Don’t go and join a club you can’t afford for example. It’s not just about annual subscription, there’s a lifestyle attached. If you can’t afford a boat why join a boat club? It’s a minimum requirement not so? It’s not enough to buy the boat, you must also buy the lifestyle. There are administrative expenses attached to owning a boat. There’s parking fee and maintenance fee. You’re a young entrepreneur. Every penny you spend you have to make it by yourself. You can’t spend what’s not in the bank. The boat bill of a multinational corporation CEO is borne by the company. It’s part of the package. But you don’t have such a package. It’s why you can’t compare yourself to such people. And everyone at the boat club can tell you’re struggling to pay those club subscriptions. I mean how are you going to keep up the $50,000 subscription every year? Your business needs the money. It’s an annual subscription. How will you afford it? How are you going to sustain it?

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My dear Jack, I’m afraid I sense in your mail a burden of perplexity mixed with anxiety. You sound like someone looking for solution to an arcane problem requiring a stroke of genius. And that I worry about.  Continue reading

Dear Jack, nobody knows what killed the squirrel. We just woke up and found the poor bloke dead. Oh, we saw him foraging in the woods surrounding our villa. Some of those trees are hundreds of years old. The maximum span of the life of a squirrel is of course infinitesimal in comparison. But that’s the order of nature – the old provide for the young. Let’s call our squirrel Tom, though why exactly that name I don’t know. Just sounds OK. Continue reading

Dear Jil, economics is what’s delaying your wedding not malice. It’s pure economics. Your future in-laws can’t afford the wedding. They’ve hinted and even voiced it but you’re not paying attention. If you want to marry, it’s better to address their concerns, or they’ll keep postponing the wedding. This is the second postponement, and though I understand your unhappiness, the fact remains they have an economic challenge. Continue reading

Dear Jack, I hope you know this girl is playing you. Of course you know she has a boyfriend. At best you are an hypotenuse to an evolving triangular equation, an adjunct consanguineous addendum. I know you’ve made a heavy move on her. She’s pretty. But she’s also very self-aware and deliberate in approach. What worries me is the basis of your strategic pursuit of this inamorata, the means you’re employing Continue reading

Dear Jack,

You’re well aware of my belief in wholesome relationship. You have a girlfriend who treats you like an ATM machine. That cannot be wholesome. You’re dating an exploiter. You’re ATM, Jack. All your girlfriend does is demand and collect money from you. You have a demand and supply relationship.

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My dear Jil,

One thing you can expect from me always is candour – honesty and truth. No syrup, no cream… just candour!

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