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Tag Archives: Gentleman

My dear Jack, I’m sure you’ve heard about The Seven Deadly Sins. They’re the stuff of legend in Hollywood. There’s even a movie with that title, though of a disturbing nature. The movie is about a psychopath. (Why do they always have those psychopaths for these things?) The seven deadly sins are Solomonic actually. They are the seven abominations. Though “The Parson’s Tale” in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales as well as artworks like Dante’s Purgatory, help illustrate the sins. If you want to have a successful marriage you have to be mindful of the seven deadly sins.
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Dear Jack, you do need to do good to people, to seek to be a blessing to others. Make it a habit. Let me tell you a story about a gentleman, Mr. Goode. He was always trying to do good, always seeking to be a blessing. Yet this man suffered one of the most hellacious trials in life. Continue reading

My dear Jack,

Today I want to share with you the feedback I got from a young woman on her first date with a certain gentleman. The crossing of their paths began fortuitously in an ice cream parlour. 

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