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Tag Archives: Gossip

My dear Jack, don’t play with little things in your marriage. It’s the little things that are dangerous. We don’t pay enough attention to dangerous clues – the little big things that matter to our spouses. Continue reading

Dear Jack, you do need to do good to people, to seek to be a blessing to others. Make it a habit. Let me tell you a story about a gentleman, Mr. Goode. He was always trying to do good, always seeking to be a blessing. Yet this man suffered one of the most hellacious trials in life. Continue reading

My dear Jil, in response to your mail, read the following. Some random creativity though, but you’ll get it: She’s a very pretty woman, very striking in appearance – figure-eightive actually. Continue reading

Dear Jil, today I want to discuss with you that most infamous of human assassination technologies- gossip.

Gossip is a huge global economy, a big industrial franchise. It’s one of the biggest employers of labour. As I read about the rebasing of the Nigerian economy I was a tad surprised it didn’t enjoy sectoral privilege. The gossip industry employs millions of people, though I must confess most are volunteers without pay. Only the “last mile” workers, especially those in traditional media get paid. Others pay themselves with secret satisfaction! But the implication is that there are millions gainfully employed and dedicated to the ruination of others.

Continue reading