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Tag Archives: Husband

Dear Jil, your ex can’t be looming in the background of your marriage like a recalcitrant demon. Your ex can’t be featuring in your marriage like some malodorous atmosphere. You’re going to break your marriage. You’ve got to learn to let go of your past relationship. It’s gone. You’re married now, to another man. You’re just going to bring complications into your marriage hanging on to your ex. Continue reading

Dear Jil, funny that I wrote Jack last week on this very same issue. I fear you’re making the same mistake. Sometimes mistakes come in genders. There’s the masculine version and then the feminine label. Listen, your mum cannot have dominion over your matrimonial home. It’s not allowed.

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My dear Jil,
I do see the confusion you have. But the fundamental question is: Does the fact that someone is a good church volunteer (or worker) mean the person will become a good marriage partner? The simple answer is that religious volunteerism is not an affidavit of marital qualification. Neither is religious volunteerism a certificate of matrimonial proficiency. You cannot assume that both roles – husband and church worker – are interchangeable.

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