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Tag Archives: Knowledge

Dear Jil,Thank you for your mail. And I appreciate your kind compliments. Yes, my letters are REAL!

Now in your mail you stated that you subscribe to the Biblical injunction of no premarital sex. That is okay even if you’re judged prude or old fashioned. It’s your choice and you should never apologise for your values. In view of your upcoming nuptials however (it’s barely a month away), you do need to know how to fulfill your sexual marital obligation. Sex is a knowledge program. It’s why we call it carnal knowledge. Even the Bible refers to sex as knowledge. Copulation is recorded as a “knowing” in several passages. One of such instances is Genesis 4.1: “Adam knew Eve his wife”. It’s referring to coition. A more modern translation would read “Adam had sex with Eve his wife”. So sex is not “unholy”. God created the biological implements of sex – conceptualised copulation for marriage.

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My dear Jack,

I’m glad you found my last correspondence to you so insightful. I suspect you must have shared it with a few of your friends. I got a lot of feedback on Twitter and Facebook.

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Dear Jack,

It’s 2am but I just have this stirring to share some things with you. We’ve not spoken in a week because of the publication of my twitter novel #NOVUS.

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