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Tag Archives: make-up

My dear Jack, didn’t you know what she looked like without make-up before marriage? If after marriage you’re complaining about what she looks like without make-up, I then wonder about the quality of your courtship. Some women look pretty with or without make-up. Your woman in your estimation does not have that grace is what you’re saying. But that begs the question about the quality of relationship you had and how real you were to each other during courtship. It means you never saw her in unguarded moments. Means you never saw her without that mask. How do you court for a year and all you saw were only made-up versions of your girlfriend? What’s the quality of that courtship? Surely you must have known she went to bed without make-up. So it’s reasonable to assume she has an image sans make-up. And it’s also reasonable to assume she won’t always have make-up on after marriage.
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My dear Jil, of course he has to get used to the idea of you without make up. In marriage he’ll see you without make-up. Every night you’ll wash the make-up off your face, won’t you? So how’s he going to cope? And you’ll do facial scrub. That’s not a good sight to behold for men but it keeps the skin fresh and healthy. It’s only in the movies that women wake up perfectly made-up. Reality is less pleasant. Continue reading