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Tag Archives: Marry

Dear Jack, a smile flitted across my face as I read your mail. The conundrum you’re facing is what I call the Vanity-Charity syndrome: do you date your vanity or date love? Or as you put it, there’s this medical doctor… and there’s this other girl who’s not a medical doctor. Who should you date? And while some will scoff at your question, the truth is, it’s an issue young men are often confronted with.

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Dear Jack,

How do you know she’s the one? Aside other parameters there’s also gut feeling! Difficult to explain but read this story: Continue reading

Dear Jack,

I’m sorry I can’t tell you what to do. This is in line with my belief that a man should make his own marital decisions. I can give you guidelines, help you analyse issues, but you must take your own decision. You can shop around for clarity but you can’t shop around for a decision. Continue reading