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Tag Archives: Money

My dear Jack, there is such a thing as sad truth and you’ve stepped into one. We step into sad truth when we ignore wisdom. Then when calamity comes, wisdom sticks out her tongue. I did warn you not to go into marriage without a job, a source of livelihood or income. Now you see why. Continue reading

Dear Jack,

You’re not a chipmunk are you? The memory of chipmunks lasts only three days. Unfortunately they like to store and hide food. After three days they don’t know where the food is hidden! You’re behaving like a chipmunk. You’re exhibiting short memory, which is rather painful considering all the trauma this lady has put you through. Seems you’ve forgotten the pain, including your hospitalization and near full-blown mental breakdown. You can’t afford to break down again Jack. Stop playing with your mental health.  Continue reading

My dear Jack, if you don’t want the truth don’t ask me for advice. I’ve told you money is important in marriage. A lack of money can break a marriage. And where it doesn’t it can do irreparable damage. It will reconfigure the relationship between you and your wife. It’s why I tell young men not to go into marriage without a job. You’re going to put enormous strain on the marriage. No matter how much you love each other, when there’s no money the union will be pressured. Continue reading

Dear Jack, I hope you know this girl is playing you. Of course you know she has a boyfriend. At best you are an hypotenuse to an evolving triangular equation, an adjunct consanguineous addendum. I know you’ve made a heavy move on her. She’s pretty. But she’s also very self-aware and deliberate in approach. What worries me is the basis of your strategic pursuit of this inamorata, the means you’re employing Continue reading

Dear Jack,

You’re well aware of my belief in wholesome relationship. You have a girlfriend who treats you like an ATM machine. That cannot be wholesome. You’re dating an exploiter. You’re ATM, Jack. All your girlfriend does is demand and collect money from you. You have a demand and supply relationship.

Continue reading

My dear Jil,

One thing you can expect from me always is candour – honesty and truth. No syrup, no cream… just candour!

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