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Tag Archives: Mother-in-Law

My dear Jil, the problem sometimes is that we’re so focused on our wedding objective we lose sight of the marriage. So determined are you to marry this guy you’re not thinking of the viability of the marriage. You’re focused on momentous victory, not what lies beyond the “victory”. Such “victory” can only be pyrrhic. Continue reading

Well, Jil, to be honest with you, there are 3 types of mothers-in-law. You have the good, the insouciant and the… what has now come to be known as the erm… monster-in-law. May you be so fortunate to have a loving and kind mother-in-law.

It’s unfortunate that the term mother-in-law has almost become synonymous with tyranny and colonial authority. Yet some mothers-in-law are so wonderful they are a factor in the love the woman has for their son. Same holds for the men. The truth is some men married their wives for the love of their mother-in-law. But some mothers-in-law are so oppressive their son’s marriage is only holding because of the special grace of God!

Continue reading