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Tag Archives: Peace

My dear Jil, rape is a very traumatic experience. It is so traumatic it can terrify a marriage years down the line. Women have been known to die from rape. It’s because it’s beyond physical. It’s a violation of the sacred. Rape is so vicious it can shred the fabric of a soul, alter the balance of life energy. It kills something inside. Rape is not just one more incident in society. At the retail level it is the scarring of someone’s life. Our society ought to take rape much more seriously than we do. There’s a cultural shrugging of shoulders about rape. It’s locker room talk in boys’ circle, as if it’s some weekend discussion about Chelsea and Arsenal. Some young men in fact revel in the fact of rape. Which is really sad. Witness how some boys boast about raping a girl. Our tolerance of such banter and disposition is the cultural equivalence of conditioning boys for rape. There are boys boasting about rape in secondary school, boasting they assaulted girls during school socials. And for some boys it’s a sorority ritual. Which makes you begin to ponder the fundamentals of our society. And now we have livestreaming of rape. If only the law allows castration. Then there are those sickos who rape kids – eight-, nine-year olds. Some even babies. Surely such people are deranged. A nine-year old can’t know how to interpret rape. She’ll malfunction.
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My dear Jil, take it that you have just one decision to make, not a flurry of decisions. And it’s important you rightly frame the question. Sometimes, we make a mistake in framing the marriage question.

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My dear Jil, this is the story I was writing:

“He fumbled the key on the lock, prised it open and stepped into the house. As soon as he stepped in he could feel the atmospheric difference. The house felt cool. He interrogated the coolness. The difference was marked. His head told him the house felt cool because he was stepping in from the glare of a sun about to go home. The problem was, there was light in the sitting room. The sun managed to filter through the slits of the venetian blinds. So it wasn’t the absence of harsh sunlight that accounted for the shade in the house. Something else seemed responsible. Continue reading

My dear Jack, here I am this morning in a lovely countryside in the land of the Queen. I am visiting with my childhood friend. It’s 5am in the morning, and I’m sitting alone, as I often do here, before everyone wakes up, meditating. I’m meditating on life and freedom. Continue reading

Dear Jack, a good marriage is more important to a man than a young man can ever fathom. A lack of appreciation of this simple fact has unfortunately sent many men to the psychiatry ward, some to early death. As a man you need peace at home. Ambient peace. Without atmospheric peace your soul will be troubled. And when your soul is troubled your energy level will drop, which then affects the energy available for you to succeed. Continue reading

‘Tis that season again. The season of Christmas. It’s the season of love and joy, and goodwill to all men. What I want to do in this letter is bring to your remembrance some of the things we shared in the course of the year. I do hope you’ve bought the gift for your wife. Make it something special for her. Well, here are the nuggets from our discussions this year. Enjoy!
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My dear Jack,

I’m afraid you’re dating your imagination. You’re projecting the physical attributes of your girlfriend and dimensioning them into matrimonial attributes. In other words you’re not dealing with facts, just desires and suppositions. You must see your girlfriend for who she truly is. Don’t explain away the facts. That’s always a huge mistake.

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Dear Jack,

So you’re beginning to think about marriage. It’s nice to prepare mentally though I must warn you that no matter the preparation it still has its own surprises. But you’ll at least be better off than the man who finds himself married. And those surprises are not necessarily negative. Continue reading

Dear Jack,

Well your mail was quite expressive but I won’t underestimate the importance of love in a relationship.

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My dear Jack,

Hope you slept well despite it all. This morning I have an exercise for you!

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