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Tag Archives: Power

Dear Jack, I saw a Pirelli advert the other day… don’t know if you’ve ever seen it. The copy reads: “Power is nothing without control – Pirelli.” I think it’s a classic.

One of the biggest temptations you’ll face in life is the ability to manage your capabilities, to resist temptation and provocation, ignore insults. I see many struggle with this on social media. If you engage in digital fisticuffs with virtual thugs, people can’t tell the difference. You must develop capacity to ignore digital insolence. Some people just want attention. Ignore them.

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My dear Jil,

My letter today is going to take on a slightly different tone. It’s going to be about politics, our dear nation and your role in national affairs. We can always talk about boys. That topic is inexhaustible. But there’s more to life than boys!

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My dear Jil,

Today I want to share with you about the scent of a woman. Oh no, this is not an olfactory exercise in aid of a designer perfume. I am writing you to help you understand your capacities as a woman in the light of your impending nuptials.

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