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Tag Archives: Pride

My dear Jack, you have to be careful about escalation. Escalation is always potent in marriage. The thing about escalation is, what started out as something trite that can be swiped like a fly might end up growing into a movie monster. And it starts with hardening of positions, often preceded by silences and disregard. Instead of discussing the issue both of you withdrew into silence, each not talking to the other. Be fearful of escalation of small quarrels in your marriage my friend. Be fearful of escalation.
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My dear Jil, look, you’ll ruin your marriage with all these third party contractors you’ve imported. If history is any guide these third parties are sympathetic undertakers. They’re constructing the coffin for your marriage. And you’re not wise subjecting your marriage to the dictates and approval of these third parties. If you want to succeed in marriage you must become a student ofthe marital institution  Continue reading

Dear Jil,

Let me give you insight into one of the greatest relationship destroyers. It’s named Pride!

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