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Tag Archives: Proposal

My dear Jack, you’ve got to be careful not to buy into the culture of grand deceit now prevalent in relationships. By grand deceit I mean dating a girl and giving her the impression you will marry her, but planning another wedding. In one or two cases there was even a family introduction, but no plan whatsoever to marry the girl. Just deceit. Continue reading

Dear Jil, let me state from onset it’s a double jeopardy situation. A “Thus saith the Lord” marriage proposal is. It actually dates back over 35 years in Pentecostal circles. Founded on teachings about submission to the will of God. The language comes from 17th century King James Bible. Lends prophetic gravitas to the proposal. It does suggest God is linguistically anachronistic though. “This is my declaration” says the same thing.

Continue reading

My dear Jack,

You want to pop the question?! 🙂 Well you’ve got to make it special. But first things first. Continue reading