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Tag Archives: Secrets

My dear Jack, you’re only going to create confusion with this binary equation you’re embracing. There are going to arise serious complications dating two girls at once. And contradictions. Fidelity will be an irony. Yes, I know you don’t mean to, and that cowardice landed you in this technical default… But the fact remains you’re in a relationship with two women and you’re going to create something messy, hurt someone. Continue reading

Dear Jil, of course you know her! Headstrong and slenderised, her features thinly fleshed, she’s no doubt lovable but that’s not very obvious. She was educated in one of the ivy league colleges; grew up in a university campus – her father was a professor. She has the gift of fierce intelligence, and a radical bit of outlook. Products of intellectual environments tend to have. She will go to the ends of the earth for those she loves. That’s one thing about her. It’s not so much faith as blind passion. She opens her eyes shut in loyalty, sometimes bumping her way into life dummies. Some will even say she’s prone to emotional suicide. Those she loves she loves.

Continue reading