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Tag Archives: Success

Dear Jack, I want you to focus and determine your priorities. As a man you have to be mindful of achievement. Whether we acknowledge such or not, your determination to succeed will impact your girlfriend’s love for you. Being real! No one wants to date a loser! Or a non-achiever. You’ve got to focus on achievement.
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‘Tis that season again. The season of Christmas. It’s the season of love and joy, and goodwill to all men. What I want to do in this letter is bring to your remembrance some of the things we shared in the course of the year. I do hope you’ve bought the gift for your wife. Make it something special for her. Well, here are the nuggets from our discussions this year. Enjoy!
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Dear Jack, I want you to take a sheet of paper and draw three circles. In the first circle write “Vocation”. In the second write “Relationship”. In the third write “God”. Those are the three circles you need to mind if you want all round success. Continue reading

Dear Jack,

It’s 2am but I just have this stirring to share some things with you. We’ve not spoken in a week because of the publication of my twitter novel #NOVUS.

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My dear Jack,

I don’t get it: why do you believe in lies? (I’m exasperated)!

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