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Tag Archives: Temptation

Dear Jack, let me tell you how to get into trouble after marriage: Keep in touch with your ex girlfriend!

What are you doing?! Why are you scouring for trouble? You know she still has feelings for you. Why are you texting and calling her, speaking in that low sensitive tone as if you never married? It almost always begins with a “How are you?” A stiff “I’m fine, You?” “So so!” That’s at 9am. Then at 1pm your mind wanders. Now you want to know how she’s doing in her new unit at work. As the Good Samaritan you just want to make sure her feelings are okay; you know, smooth things over… Then she asks if you’ve eaten. You smile. Kind of reminds you of old times. You smile again. Sheepish smile. Then her ping comes an hour later, followed by “Missing you!” You hesitate, but to be polite you send back “Missing u 2!” And the texts proceed along that corridor, throw in one or two borderline comments and jokes. Then it becomes “Let me buy you a drink. For old times sake.”

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