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Tag Archives: the other woman

My dear Jack, you’re only going to create confusion with this binary equation you’re embracing. There are going to arise serious complications dating two girls at once. And contradictions. Fidelity will be an irony. Yes, I know you don’t mean to, and that cowardice landed you in this technical default… But the fact remains you’re in a relationship with two women and you’re going to create something messy, hurt someone. You landed in this situation by not breaking off with your girlfriend before starting a new relationship. You were cowardly. You knew it’s not going to be pretty breaking up with your girlfriend so you just began a new relationship. And until your new girlfriend pushed, neither of the two women knew each other existed. You were dating in subterfuge. By the way that’s a euphemism for cunning deceit. You were lying to both women. It takes a lot to keep such a pretense going and you ought to reappraise your character.
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My dear Jack, there are things women know about themselves we men know nothing about. Remember women have a higher intuitive capacity. With it they can discern things that are not so obvious. And women understand subterranean language among themselves. They have their own communication mode. If you doubt, take time to observe how women check each other out, say at a mall. Continue reading