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Tag Archives: Toasting

Dear Jack, let me tell you the story of a guy I know. It’s a rather interesting story:

‘The apartment reeks of the stale smell of his thoughts. He lives there with the girl of his dreams. It’s a three bedroom apartment. He sleeps in one, sorry, they sleep in one; he uses the other as office for his start up and they reserved the last for guests and marriage junk; they hardly have stay over visitors. But he realised his mum would likely come over for a few weeks after the baby is born. To help. And so he reserved the room. The baby will initially stay in their bedroom, until he’s weaned. Then he’ll move to the visitors’ room. He’s a visitor isn’t he? At some point he’ll leave for boarding school. The gradual process of moving out of the house would have begun then. That’s what boys do. By the time he’s in the university he’ll hardly come home. And after, he’ll go for national service. And then get a job. And meet a girl, though not always in that order. It’s a rite of separation boys go through. And then he’ll get his own apartment, get married, have a boy or girl, reserve one room for the baby… Life is a cycle we recycle.

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Dear Jack,

I heard a story over the weekend and I thought to share it with you. It’s along the lines of our discussion. I think it takes us to the root of those issues we spoke about.

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