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Tag Archives: Vision

My dear Jack, you have to note there are a lot of distractions in life. Life’s distractions are so many, some seemingly innocuous but they will derail you from your course. You need focus as a young man. You’ve got to know what you want, the kind of life you want. And then you have to work assiduously to accomplish your goals and dreams. You must learn to face the day with purposefulness, to attack each day with mental strength. Continue reading

Dear Jack,

It is important as a young man for you to have focus. Time has allotments for stages of attainment. If you don’t achieve certain things at a certain age it becomes much harder later, or falls into the crack of opprobrium. There’s a time to go to junior school for example. If you go much later in life you must be willing to despise shame. That’s the manner of life. It has expectations for slices of our years on earth. When we fail to adhere to its timetable life rewards us with shame, or makes things harder. That is not saying we cannot achieve after the generally prescribed or allocated time. It just means you have to be very determined to achieve. That’s the way to overcome life. Continue reading

My dear Jack,

Today, I want to share a short parable with you.

Continue reading