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Tag Archives: Wife


My very own Jil, I was in church yesterday and the minister preached on gratitude. (I know you couldn’t attend). In order to make us appreciative of God’s graciousness, the minister asked us to list five things we’re thankful for. Continue reading

Dear Jack, marriage is a continuous education programme, especially for the man. That’s what Peter said. He said to dwell with your wife with knowledge. Means your marriage will always be an adult education programme. There are fundamental things you need to learn about women in general. (They’re different from us). But there is proprietary knowledge you need to acquire about your wife in particular.

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My dear Jack, you’ve got to rekindle the romance in your marriage. Romance is a conscious thing. It’s not a mood that descends on you at full moon. You’re not a wolf.

Childbirth does have an effect on women in ways men can’t imagine. Creates physiognomic distortion. And some women suffer mentally – Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Giving birth is traumatic. Many women develop permanent marks from childbirth. Some stretch marks don’t erase. Stretch marks depend on heredity. They occur when the collagen and elastin in the skin stretch beyond snapping back.

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Dear Jack,

Here’s a story I came across some weeks ago. Contains serious lessons. Happy reading!

“He sat face to face with the Counsellor. The session took place in the counsellor’s study. He sat in a parson chair, the Counsellor in a velvety blue Poet’s accent chair. The room was rugged, very comfortable. An oak wooden desk occupied some real estate. It sported a table lamp. The furnishing suggested a rigorous attempt at insouciance to the world with all its noise. He was a bit fidgety. Continue reading

Dear Jil,

Thank you so much for the congratulatory message on my wedding anniversary. I’m indeed blessed to have met my wife. She’s a gem and almost on a daily basis I thank God for giving her to me. I said “almost on a daily basis” because I’m making allowance for statistical variation, but I’m pretty sure of the average. I do pray YOUR husband has cause to thank God for you daily. You should work towards that. You raised a number of questions about her – her qualities; you want to know what makes her special, why her. You’ll need to provide a big notebook for me to write her qualities out for you.

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