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Tag Archives: Women

Dear Jack, I’ve sometimes wondered why marriage is so powerful. Marriage is such a powerful institution! I’m not sure the average young man or woman knows how powerful marriage is – how very consequential marital decisions are. No one goes into marriage and remains the same. It’s impossible. It has such power!

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Dear Jack, let me tell you about an athlete of renown. No, he’s not Usain Bolt, Ed Moses or Hicham El Guerrouj of Morocco; or any of the ones the Press tout. He’s not known in Olympic circles. Never enters competitive sports. But he’s a great athlete. I’m talking about none other than Akeem Gomez. I’m sure you don’t know him. I didn’t too until I began to do research for some stuff I was working on. As I googled my brain his name dropped.

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My dear Jack, there was a gentleman named Julius Moses. And he had a son. He named him Junior. His father had named him Julius because he was besotted with stories of the military conquests of Julius Caesar. Indeed he was named Julius long before he was conceived! He kept up the family tradition and taught his son, Junior about Julius Caesar.

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