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Celebrating Wisdom

My dear Jack,

As you very well know today is my birthday. I want to celebrate it by celebrating others, and giving out gifts. I’ll also like to share some wisdom with you.

Wisdom is the principal thing.

I want you to be wary about blaming others for your lot in life. Now I do understand that life can be tough, and given the present circumstances it’s easier to blame others. Man always does that.

The truth about life is, life is not equal. Some are born with silver spoon, some with wooden spoon, some with no spoon, and some don’t even know what a spoon is! But no matter the state of your spoonfulness, never you buy into the philosophy of the victim. It is a dangerous mentality.

Don’t develop an “us” versus “them” complex. It’s a sign you’ve given up and no longer see the possibility of a change of equation. And you’re too young and too full of potential to accept that philosophical conditioning.

You have to fight! Fight for your life, even when it seems there’s no point fighting! It’s the WILL to fight that matters. Life won’t give you a chance unless you fight. You have to fight for your stake in life.

You must be motivated. Success needs motivation, and power. And God gives us power. The power is within! So rise! The bottom rung of life is not your lot. Can’t be! Not with your extraordinary talents. (You have talents believe me!)

The journey up begins with a change of perspective. You have to see up to go up. Change your outlook.

I wish you the best, as always, both now and always!

Your mentor, LA.


©Leke Alder 2013

Tags : Blame, Perspective, Wisdom

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