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Touch Your Soul

Dear Jack, you’ve got to try and figure out your life, seek to find your place in this world. It’s not something that will come to you easily. It’s a journey. And your wife is part of that journey. She provides emotional support for you, minding your base while you venture out into the field of discovery. The heart is in a constant quest, trying to make sense of this life, what it all means, our place in it. In this quest you have to consider your giftings, and the significance of those giftings. It is this kind of cogitation Solomon was talking about when he said it’s better to go to the house of mourning than a party. Life is not all party. Life requires we seek wisdom, that we contemplate our existence. Some things you’ll understand in your thirties, some in your forties, and some in your fifties. You’ve got to ask yourself questions, like why am I the way I am? Why do I have the gifts I have? Why the capacities? You don’t want to die unrealized and unfulfilled. That’s tragic, a terrible waste of life. There’s a purpose to every life. Find out yours.

As you grow older, life opens up its secret vault more and more to you, and some things begin to make sense. Know however that life will not always make sense. Some things will never make sense to you. Don’t lose your uniqueness. There’s a reason God made you who you are. Don’t seek to be common. You’ve got to get to know you, know who you are, whom you are, whose you are, what you are. You’ve got to believe in yourself, go with your gut, and don’t second-guess your life. You won’t develop confidence that way. To live successfully in this life you need some guts so don’t live in fear. There’s a reason you were born in your circumstance. You’re supposed to use those facts as materials of life. No matter what life throws at you you’ve got to keep going, keep getting up. Discouragements will come, people will seek to put you down. Just keep at it, keep pushing forward. You’ve got to rise above yourself, rise above your mistakes, move beyond the past, put them behind you. Choose elective amnesia for the mistakes of the past, or you’ll never move past them. You’ve got to learn to shrug off insults and discouragements or you’ll hurt those you love. Never take it out on them. Before you go home shake off the day. Clear your head. A walk helps. Don’t carry those pressures home.

Make the most of the opportunities life brings your way. Do your best in every circumstance. When you look back at life be sure to have put in your best. Then you’ll have no regrets. With the benefit of hindsight we could always have done better in everything. The key is in the moment, that very stretch of moment. Did you put in your best? When you make a habit of putting in your best then you’d have lived your life. You’ll have no remorse. You’ll have justification for where you are in the future because you put in your best in the present. Nothing to regret. Life’s a very interesting knowledge program. The more you know the more you know. But of course we’ll never know enough about life. Life is too long, our lives too short. We soon run out of runway. Influence is about what you give, what you share. Stop living in fear and anxiety, it’s so unhealthy. Neither the past nor the future can ever be perfect. Learn how to deal with the pressures of life. It’s how you gain strength.

Always be hopeful, always hope for the best. Respect everyone. Humility is a measure of our height. Be kind to all you meet in life. Kindness enriches the soul. Insulting people is either a betrayal of your upbringing, or a portrayal of it. Stake your claim in this world. The real estate to claim will become obvious as life moves on. Maintain your race. Don’t abandon your lane. Stop looking sideways. Look forward. Let your gifting make way for you. Give and give again. There’s something about generosity of heart that liberates us from the shackles of materiality. Have conviction. Follow your heart.

Be friends with your wife. Enjoy her companionship. She’s got to be your best friend. Develop a rapport with your wife – a rapport of silent understanding – the inaudible language of the heart. Develop your creativity. Use your imagination – see things differently, approach things from another angle. Channel your energy into a propellant. Aim to become economically significant. Don’t just anger. Convert that energy into mass. Create something. Never give up on your life. It’s a magnificent investment, a portfolio of value. You have to keep on keeping on. Those who give up obviously never make it. Be determined. Life tests determinations. You’re pregnant with your future, whatever that future is. I believe in you.

Your mentor, LA

© Leke Alder |

Tags : Life, purpose

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