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Tag Archives: Desperation

Desperate Measures

My dear Jil, loneliness can be difficult, very difficult. But it can also turn deadly. If you’ve been waiting for a man for some time it can drive you to do things you won’t ordinarily contemplate. Continue reading

My dear Jil,

I just don’t get it! And to be honest with you, the facts are giving me a bit of headache. I do realize how much you want to marry. At your age marriage can be a desperate aspiration. Your mum’s despair is an articulated truck of cheap blackmail and constant nagging. She’s facing social pressure. Her 35-year old daughter is not married. But she’s the least of the issues in the circumstances. Continue reading

Dear Jil, let me tell you how pickpockets operate in downtown Lagos! Downtown Lagos pickpockets thrive in confusion, in the melee of the crowd, where there’s no order. Because public transport is in short supply downtown, there’s usually a melee for buses. And so the bus stop is an ideal location for Lagos pickpockets.

Continue reading