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Tag Archives: Discipline

Dear Jack, thank you for the present you sent over the hols. I’m most appreciative. Thank you. Just returned from vac. Well, it’s another year. We grow older each and every year. May we grow in wisdom! If there’s nothing you pray for this year it’s wisdom. Continue reading

Dear Jack, come on! How could you have fallen for this ruse? Clearly this woman targeted you and you fell for it. Any woman could have warned you. Women see these things afar off! And women say men never see these things, that men underestimate devious intentions of the feminine variety. Women can smell a groom raider miles off, which is why they implement strategic defensive maneuvers. This woman clearly set you up. She came needful of emotional comfort with a view. Of course one thing will lead to another. And now she’s pregnant. Only now you realize you were set up. I warned you about opportunistic sex. You ought to be careful, though in your case that advice is no longer applicable. Continue reading

Dear Jack, have you ever read something and a phrase just leaps at you in a powerful embrace? Sometimes it’s because the phrase is planted outside its textual native soil. It leaps desperately into your consciousness. Well, I’m studying the biography of Daniel and this phrase just leapt at me – “Daniel, man of quality.” It’s one of those iconic phrases, like “A man for all seasons”. That’s the title of the equally iconic play by Robert Bolt. The Tudors TV series is actually a dramatisation of the issues in A Man For All Seasons.

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Dear Jil, let’s talk a little about uncomfortable truths this morning – about this temper thing.

Men are very uncomfortable with temperamental women, and you’ll see why. The man will friend-zone you if you’re temperamental. Which is an irony – a reverse equation. That means he’ll like hanging out with you, but won’t dare commit because he’s afraid of being in a relationship with that temper. In a man’s thinking he can hang out with you because it’s not his problem. It’s your future husband’s problem. And some men will just take off! Can’t handle it. For the alpha male it means you’re incontrollable. Temper is scary to men!

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Dear Jack,

I did warn you not to take your fiancé for granted. Now you’ve joined the League of Esau. Esau didn’t value what he had until he lost it. Then he began to weep for it. When you have something beautiful in your life, cherish it and be contented.

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