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Tag Archives: love letter

My very own Jil, I met a very beautiful girl yesterday. She captivated my soul, cultivated my heart. There was a gentility to her, an exciting peacefulness. I didn’t pay attention to that beauty at first. Not for years. That was because the beauty of her heart so outshone her physical beauty it became secondary. It has been my fortune to be husband to that beautiful girl. She is a wonderful woman. How lucky I am. God must truly love me. Try as I may I can’t get over that heart. The kindness, the love, the giving, the selflessness… I have been loved by that heart. I am being loved by a wonderful woman.

Continue reading

My dear Jack, someone, I forgot who, sent this to me over the weekend and I thought to share it with you. I really don’t know who the writer is; for all you know it might have been inventive. But this was the way girls were toasted in those days. Your generation obviously doesn’t know how to toast babes. Continue reading

This week’s #Letr2Jack is Mrs Alder’s response to Leke Alder’s Val letter.

My darling husband,

I still haven’t gotten over that powerful letter you wrote me this morning; it is indeed my best valentine gift yet! Thank you for loving me so deeply, so sincerely. I am really not sure I am that fantastic (well, maybe a little, lol) but in your eyes that’s who I am and that’s enough for me. Continue reading

This Valentine edition of #Letr2Jil is dedicated to my beautiful Jil, my wife, my soul mate and one true love!

He turned to CHAPTER 4 of the book, flipped the page forth, and then back, and began to read:

My very own Jil, I sat up in the middle of the night watching you sleep, my heart a-wonder. I looked at your face. Continue reading

The letter floated ashore, preserved in a plastic case – debris from the ill-fated plane crash on the Adriatic Ocean. It was a love letter from a man to his wife. She apparently carried it with her on her journey, among other mementos. There were 80th anniversary birthday cards in that plastic box. Some had children scrawls. “Happi BathDaY GrAMa,” one read cheerfully. “When are yOu bakin My choclat caKe?” The Adriatic being the northernmost arm of the Mediterranean Sea, the plastic case had floated ashore by that route Continue reading