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Tag Archives: Valentine

My dear young man, I kind of understand your confusion, if not disappointment. I mean, you went out of your way to buy the young lady a valentine’s gift… It’s something you thought through, just to make sure it’s the right gift for her. You went to that store, picked it yourself. And then nothing! Not a text, not a call to say thank you. You got that distinct feeling your effort was not appreciated; that the gift was not appreciated… Your gift ought to be appreciated, after all you bought it with your hard-earned money. The least she could do is call to say thank you, or send a thank you text that shows she appreciates the gift. Even outside the purview of relationship that’s courteous. When you’re given a gift you should at least say thank you. The whole thing kind of dashes your expectations, as well as projections. And it wasn’t a cheap present you bought. Makes you wonder. And makes her a wonderment.

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This week’s #Letr2Jack is Mrs Alder’s response to Leke Alder’s Val letter.

My darling husband,

I still haven’t gotten over that powerful letter you wrote me this morning; it is indeed my best valentine gift yet! Thank you for loving me so deeply, so sincerely. I am really not sure I am that fantastic (well, maybe a little, lol) but in your eyes that’s who I am and that’s enough for me. Continue reading