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Celebrate Yourself

Dear Jack, I hope you get to read this before you leave for work! I’m going to suggest you do something unusual this morning!

I want you to dress very well to work! I mean dress!! You’ll know you’re well dressed if your colleagues ask at work, “What are you celebrating?!” And that’s precisely the point! Be sure to tell them you’re celebrating you! You’re celebrating your accomplishments – visible and invisible, manifest and unmanifest. The manifestation will catch up! Always does! You’re celebrating a life full of promise, and full of success.

You see, if your friends really know you, if they know what you’ll become, they’ll be celebrating you! But since they have not caught on to that revelation, you should help them along by celebrating yourself, in advance!

This exercise is irrespective of how you feel, whether you think there’s anything worth celebrating or not! Indeed the less qualified you feel, the more the reason to celebrate. Lift yourself out of the doldrums!

Your celebration is an act of faith, a self affirmation of your potency and glorious future. Do it!

I’m going to celebrate myself today; I’m going to feel good and proud of me!

I wish you a very happy i-celebration day!

Your mentor, LA



©Leke Alder 2013

Tags : Affirmation, i-celebrate, Fruture

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