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Letter to Jack

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My dear Jack, here’s the first question: Did your relationship improve or deteriorate during the lockdown? Continue reading

Letter to Jack

My dear Jack, she can’t eat her cake and have it. How does she expect it to work? She’s already told you you’re not the one. Continue reading


My dear Jack, you’ll recall that only last week we were discussing about responsibility. Well, the subject is even more germane now given the Coronavirus pandemic. Continue reading


Dear Jack, yes, I saw the video you sent. If you know anything about marriage that video has to be very troubling. Continue reading


My dear Jack, you’ve got to pace yourself. You can’t take on too much of life at once. You can’t gourmandize on life. You’ll vomit life. Pace yourself. Continue reading

Letter to Jack- Data Breach

My dear Jack, you’re still not getting it are you? Let me see if I can help you see it. Continue reading

My dear Jack and Jil, I present a few nuggets from my letters to you this year. Here they are: Continue reading

My dear Jack, I did promise to do you a letter on how to be a good student. Here I am fulfilling my promise. You can share it with your friends. I’m of course writing with the benefit of hindsight. And I have the benefit of life and experience. Continue reading

My dear Jack, sorry I couldn’t reply your mail earlier. You know how busy my schedule can be.

Continue reading

My dear Jack, I’d say take the job. It’s not the dream job you want but it’s advisable to take it. You’ve got to start somewhere. The longer it takes to start your first job the more difficult things become. Besides, you can’t have a huge gap on your CV. Employers count that negatively. No one will tell you but that’s the truth. You’ll be queried about it at your job interview. The interviewer sees that gap as attitude to work, something like, What were you doing all this while, you mean you just stayed at home?! It’s the picture of a young man who wakes up in the morning purposeless and aimless. While others are at work he’s turning on his bed like a door on a hinge. Everyone starts somewhere, usually in a disadvantaged position. The people that are successful today… chances are they started very low. Continue reading

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