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About Jack & Jil

In February, 2013 I began writing weekly letters to Jack and Jil (representing men and women who consider me a mentor). Those letters addressed relationship issues and I posted them in verses on my Twitter timeline, @LekeAlder. I wanted to explain men to women and women to men, to improve understanding and foster wholesome relationships.

To my surprise, the Twitter public responded enthusiastically to the letters and followership grew. Even more importantly, the tweets spread to several nations, over 50 at last count. And the conversations sometimes lasted days. I had unwittingly created a community.

Because Twitter has limitations, I decided to provide a wider platform to foster greater community. The website will allow for a more comfortable read of the letters and provide a platform for followers to interact with one another.

I am inviting you to register and join the Jack&Jil Live community to access and share all content. Also follow @JacknJilLive on Twitter for regular updates.

On this website, you can say more, do more, know more, connect more and vent more.