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Diary of Blessings

Dear Jack,

I want to share with you a little habit I instituted to keep me in perspective and make me grateful. I decided to open a little diary of good things that happen to me, of wonderful and unexpected blessings from God. It’s my dairy of blessings.

Human nature is extremely needful and acquisitive. We always want, we’re always in need. As soon as we get what we want we promptly forget and move on to new demands. In deciding to keep this diary, I was shocked by a number of things: That those outlandish blessings in my life just a few months old seemed so many years old! The blessings were already dated! Clearly the nature of man ages blessings.

I was even more shocked at the number and quality of blessings that have already come my way this early in the year! Guess the writer of that song was right: Count your blessings, name them one by one.

Will be interesting to read all the testimonials, deliverances and blessings in my diary at the end of the year!

I advise you to open a Diary of Blessings. It’s the only way to escape the treachery of your memory. We can’t be grateful otherwise.

Your mentor, LA


©Leke Alder 2013

Tags : Gratitude, Taking stock, Blessings

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