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Giving And Its Role In Business Development

Dear Jack, this morning I’d like to share some thoughts with you about giving and its role in business development. The value of a gift is incalculable both to the giver and the receiver, but curiously the greater beneficiary is the giver!

Without a doubt, giving ennobles the soul: it waters it, softens it, nurtures it and makes it sensitive to needs. This has great bearing on business innovation and customer service.

The more sensitive you are to the needs of others, the greater your chances of creating solutions to their problems. But the bigger capacity of giving is its role in the development of vision. Giving capacitates the soul to conceive big things.

This is likely because giving lifts you beyond pettiness, revenge, meanness, affection trading and devotion to other ugly minutiae. The heart of the giver being free from mean encumbrances can devote itself to the larger picture. It is the wisdom of life that we learn to give.

When we give, the material world loses its hold over us. When we give, we conquer the amount given and are therefore able to operate beyond the value of our gift. Picture the high jumper. The higher the hurdle conquered, the higher he goes. And since a giver is not trading affection, he trains himself to give extra value.

Give beautifully! Give bounteously! Give wonderfully! Give habitually!

Love will come to you. Life will come and success will come.


Your mentor, LA


©Leke Alder 2013

Tags : Giving, Gift, Innovation

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