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Let not your heart be troubled

My dear Jack,

Hope you slept well despite it all. This morning I have an exercise for you!

I want you to imagine a man sitting in a sound proof glass enclosure. He can see what’s going on around him but he hears nothing! It’s like watching a music video without the sound. Our man in the glass bubble is shielded from every vocal pressure, every menacing threat. Neither the raucous wholesale din of the marketplace, nor the retail ranting of the wicked man can get to him. This is the picture of a man with inner peace.

Peace is not the absence of turbulence. It is the presence of confidence in the midst of a storm. Peace is quiet solitude despite the rage of a temperamental and foul-mouthed weather. Peace is a knowing of what is not apparent – a quiet assurance of faith.

Let not your heart be troubled. Let nothing disturb your peace. Be confident in the ability of your God to deliver you from all evil. He is faithful. All things – every situation, every circumstance, every challenge – will work together for your good.

I wish you as always a victorious and wonderful day! 

Your mentor. LA


©Leke Alder 2013

Tags : Peace

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