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My dear Jack,

It’s another weekend and as is my custom, I’m writing you a thought. My topic today is the subject of loyalty. It’s not something you find in abundance today but it’s a value you must hold dear.

You see, some people tend to, or choose to suffer memory loss. They have exceedingly short memory spans. Their memorial acknowledgement of kindness lasts for no more than a day. Once the moment of need is over memory evaporates. They are completely driven by present needs and circumstances and are only “loyal” to those who can meet those needs. Their loyalty, if you can call it that, is need fulfillment determined and circumscribed. Never have such as friends!

They betray those who have been good to them – speaking ill of them if they don’t meet new needs, stabbing them in the back even! Never you be like that! And never you repay evil for good. There’s a curse to that! Good is never stale.

I always remember the words of a wise man: Let not loyalty and faithfulness depart from you, he instructed. Those words I hold dear and you must if you are truly my protégée. Hold them dear as well! Be loyal, especially to those who have been kind to you. Loyalty has rewards. Never forget the benevolence of the past.

Stay true to good men. Do not buy into the values of men who call disloyalty “pragmatism”. Such have no conscience.

I wish you the best, both now and always.

Your mentor, LA


©Leke Alder 2013

Tags : Betrayal, Values, loyalty

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