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Mental Tenacity

Dear Jack,

It’s been some days but I remembered you in my meditation this morning!

You need mental tenacity in this life. You have to maintain a strong mental stand so that life won’t overwhelm you. Without a tough mental mode life will swallow you.

If you take time to study life, especially your own, you will discover that the best of things come out of tough conditions. You’ll discover that you’ve always come out refined and stronger from your challenges.

You can’t do that without a survivor mode. Your determination to overcome and surmount challenges is the bedrock of your faith. Be strong. Hope against hope. Make a determination that you’ll come out stronger no matter what. That you’re stronger than any challenge life can throw at you and you’re going to put it down.

The truth is, the outcome is not totally dependent on your strength but you need to maintain that mental posture to survive.

You’ll pull through. Just hang in there!

Your mentor, LA


©Leke Alder 2013

Tags : Pressure, Determination, Mental strength

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