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Philosophy Of Attainment

Dear Jack,

It’s 2am but I just have this stirring to share some things with you. We’ve not spoken in a week because of the publication of my twitter novel #NOVUS.

You know I’m amazed at how stingy people can be to their future! How can a man hope to succeed when he won’t invest in acquiring knowledge, or wisdom? We complain about the inequitable nature of the business world, the Darwinian nature of life, but we fail to see two big factors:

The first is that successful people have a philosophy of attainment. It’s a guidance system. It controls their thinking and directs their actions.

The second thing is that the successful invest time and resources in acquiring technical wisdom. (Wisdom is key!) Big corporates for example retain consultants. It’s an investment in technical knowledge. Solomon said to buy wisdom, so they do! Wisdom is targeted intelligence. Without specialised knowledge, you won’t accomplish your dream. That’s the ungarnished truth.

I know many young people spend a ton of time at motivational seminars. Some live on motivation. They buy motivational books. But that’s just half the equation. Motivation seminars help you formulate a philosophy of achievement. But they won’t give you technical knowhow. Motivation for example tells you to have vision, but you need technical knowhow on how to develop a vision statement. It’s why large corporates engage consultants to guide them through the process. It can be technical!

Motivation is like fuel in a car. It fires up the engine but then where are you going? How are you going to get there? Motivation won’t give you a road map. It won’t teach you how to drive. It won’t teach you mechanical engineering.

If you want to develop your business you need motivation to develop ambition. But you also need technical knowledge on business development. It’s why my business books are part motivation and part technical knowledge. You need both! Lopsided knowledge won’t deliver your dream.

Some people won’t even invest a token in their dreams! They won’t buy books! Others would rather borrow books from others instead of acquiring their own. It seems economically smart but it’s a philosophy of failure in manifestation. How can you be stingy to yourself and think you’re smart!

And then some people are intellectually lazy. They don’t want to read, or think for themselves. This automatically restricts the growth of their vision because the brain is not sufficiently developed for structural attainment.

Take time to formulate your philosophy of achievement. You’re only as successful as your belief. But then go farther by investing in the acquisition of technical knowledge and wisdom. Pay for knowhow. LEARN TECHNICAL KNOWHOW. Engage your brain. You’ve got to discipline your brain to think in a particular mode.

If you want to get up there, there are no two ways about it!

I wish you the best in all your endeavor.

Your mentor, LA


©Leke Alder 2013

Tags : Success, Knowledge, Motivation

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