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Dear Jack,

I need your help this morning. I want to start a campaign against the bashing of women and I need your help. I’ve hashtagged it #StopWomenBashing and I need you and your friends to help me amplify it on Twitter. Can we reach a million people? Two million? Can we make a statement?

Women bashing seems culturally pervasive, even acceptable in these parts. And one generation trains the next generation. Just last week a woman’s jaw was wired in hospital. Her boyfriend beat her up! Someone needs to be prosecuted. It is grievous bodily harm and someone ought to be taught a lesson in civility. I’m surprised families tolerate the bashing of their daughter. (Don Corleone would have sent a “telegram”).

I do recognise that some women are extremely provocative and caustic. Their tongues leave exit wounds but! and this is a big but, it’s no excuse to beat up a woman. Real men don’t bash women. Tell your female friends to get out of abusive relationships. A girlfriend beater is a wife basher in training. Once started, the next bashing becomes easier. It graduates. And the psychological wounds are deeper than the physical gashes.

With physical abuse comes loss of esteem, shame, emotional trauma, depression and fear. Some women can’t get out without help. They’re psychologically battered, imprisoned and shackled. They create excuses and explanations for battery. A black eye is always caused by a “fall”. It’s as if Lucifer programmed a set of answers for abused women. Some even blame themselves. Those persistent lies are denials and manifestations of psychological trauma. Abused women tend to go into denial. Over time however, resentment develops, and then anger. Some men have lost their lives. The victim turned murderer.

Let me tell you a little bit about Lucifer and women. (We’re going into deep territory now). Lucifer HATES women. Two factors are responsible for this: the first is the Genesis crisis and its aftermath; the second is the conceptual role of the woman in God’s programme.

According to Genesis, the woman and Satan are mortal enemies. There can be no reconciliation. They have “enmity”. Lucifer is going to keep going for her achilles heel – the tendon of her emotional dependency. It’s the main source of attack but in Christ she will bash his head. He will eventually become her footstool. This is deep spiritual stuff.

Second: The Church celestial and terrestrial is called a woman. She is the “wife” of Christ according to scriptures. The woman is thus a typology of the Church. This is the mystery of the woman. Women bashing is a manifestation of antiChrist spirit. It’s an influenced pugilistic display of hatred. Do-you-understand?

As long as Satan hates Christ, he’s going to go after women. That’s where the anger comes from. That’s the spiritual impetus. It’s for these reasons Lucifer seizes every opportunity to debase and humiliate the woman. Prostitution, porn, bestiality and the like are programs of debasement and humiliation. The extremities of these programmes are vile debasement of womanhood.

Other examples are denial of basic human rights, sex for promotion transactions, genital mutilation, abominable female gender specific cultic rites, gang rape, sex slavery, suppression… It’s like an orgy of hatred. Think! It does not seem apparent but when a man bashes a woman he’s enrolled in Lucifer’s program. He has a franchise.

I need you to have a clear understanding of this stuff because sometimes people don’t think! Don’t get involved with Lucifer’s programme. There are always consequences.

Women bashing is sometimes fueled by drugs and alcohol, but most times it’s a ventilation of angst and frustration. A woman basher needs to enroll in an anger management program (or substance abuse program). His frustration is like a rash of unpredictability because a temperamental man is a defenseless city. That’s what scriptures say. He’s open to all sorts of attack. And attacks provoke attack.

I’m sending along campaign materials. Please circulate. Tell your friends to retweet.

Pix 1 (Real men don’t bash women!)

Pix 2 (Stop the Bashing of Women) #Letr2Jack

I want to thank you in advance for your support.

Your mentor, LA



©Leke Alder 2013




Tags : Bashing, Provocative

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